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The Change Of Address Checklist Before Hiring Wyong Removalists

The survey shows that 36% of moves by Australians in the previous 12 months were triggered by COVID-19. Do you know any family in your circle who has faced this issue? Well! They may have forgotten to notify their utility company, electoral office or insurance providers about the change of address.


There are so many people, organisations and businesses that you need to notify when changing addresses. Yes! It is a very daunting process! But, forgetting to let your utility company, electoral office, or insurance providers about your new address can have repercussions. To make things simple, we’ve created this checklist. Yes! This change of address checklist helps keep track of whom to notify when moving.


So, look at the list before hiring Wyong Removalists to make your move smooth and successful. Then contact us!


Below, we’ve covered the essential organisations and categories that are often forgotten during the moving process.


Wyong Removalists


The Change of Address Checklist To Follow Before Hiring Wyong Removalists!


Post Office


Your first call should be to the post office. Whether you’re receiving bills or packages from friends, you need to ensure they’re sending them in the right place. Notify the post office while changing your address so they can send emails directly to your new address.


Voter Registration


It doesn’t matter if there’s an election coming up or not. You need to keep your details up to date with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). It’s quick and easy to update your voter registration details before the removalist of Wyong arrives.


The Australian Tax Office (ATO)


It’s vital to inform the tax office of any change in residential addresses. So do not forget to let them know of your new address. It will prevent any headaches or bureaucratic complications in the future. If it gets linked to the ATO, you can open your myGov account to edit your details.




Medicare often gets overlooked when we get busy with moving. However, keeping your Medicare details up to the minute will ensure that the health insurance process works smoothly when you need it. As hiring Wyong removalists is a vital part of your move, changing the address on your Medicare account is also essential. You can do so by logging on to your Medicare account.




It is one of the essential things to remember when taking a removal service! A few things you need in your new home are water, gas or electricity. You can update your details quickly if you’re considering the same providers.


But, if you’re changing providers, you will have to go a few extra steps.


Phone or Internet


It is an essential utility nowadays if you work from home. So contact your internet provider to set up everything in your new place. If your internet gets connected through your phone line, then make sure you’ve updated your details with your phone and internet provider.


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The Final Thought!


Need to hire Wyong Removalists? You can consider a trustworthy company in Wyong. We provide reliable removal and storage solutions to residential and commercial customers. You can go through our other blogs to make yourself more informed.

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