What Information Do You Need To Include In Your Removals Quote?

As per statistics, 36% of moves by Australians in the previous year were triggered by COVID-19. Do you know any family who has faced this issue in your circle? Well! They may have forgotten to include all the required relevant information in their Wyong removals quote and experienced trouble.


However, you can avoid this blunder by reading this blog till the end. Like most Australians, you don’t know that several items need to get included in your quote if you want to ensure no hiccups when the removalist arrives at your place.


The below list will help make your move smooth and successful. So, check that out. Then contact us!


The crucial information to mention are locations, addresses, moving date, belongings to be moved, price, insurance and building access.


Wyong Removals



Being clear about the location is necessary. You are supposed to mention where you are moving from and where you are moving to in the quote. Even if you don’t know the exact address you will move into, mention the city or suburb. This way, you can always get an estimate that helps make your budget.




Providing the actual address helps with the removalist. The expert of the removal service can easily provide an accurate quote. You can always opt for a storage option, whereby your goods can be moved and stored until you are ready to move in. Besides, you can use the shipping container storage method.


Moving Date


Do not forget to mention the exact date when you will move to your new house and provide other optional days if possible. The more flexible you can be on your moving date, the greater the chance you will have of saving money.


Items To Be Moved


Yes! Give accurate details of how many boxes, the size of the boxes, furniture or bulky items, and their dimensions (including estimated weight). Do not forget to provide an inventory list with photos to help the Wyong removals expert. It will help them quote accurately based on your belongings.




Give your Wyong removalist an idea of your budget. A good removalist can optimise the best and most affordable way for you to move. Being flexible with dates, reducing the space amount by selling things or donating them, and packing things neatly and efficiently – can increase the price.


Building Access


One of the major mistakes most people make is not providing a clear description of their building. It is crucial to give the removalist these details to ensure they can actually complete the job on the day. And be well prepared for what is required.


Things To Consider:


  • Do you need to remove too many bulky items from your home? Where can the removalist park their vans?
  • Does your building have stairs? If so, how many?
  • Where do you want the items being delivered to?
  • What’s the best entrance to your house?
  • Are there any restrictions?
  • What are the heaviest items that need to get moved?

The Final Thought!


Need to hire an expert for Wyong removals? You can consider a credible name for the same. We provide outstanding removal and storage solutions to all residential and commercial customers. Do not forget to visit our other blogs to make yourself more informed.