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How To Protect Your Furniture During A Removal This New Year?

Whether moving alone or taking professional help, protecting your high-value furniture should be one of your top priorities. The last thing you would want is a distortion of your expensive assets messed up upon arrival. And with the jam-packed streets on New Year’s Eve, it’s not impossible.


Therefore, to ensure your valuables are sound and secure throughout the furniture removal in Wyong, the following section presents some tips.


So, continue reading and make sure to note these down even if you hire a removal service.


Furniture Removal


Tips To Protect Your Furniture During A Removal This New Year In Wyong!


If your furniture undergoes scratches and unsightly marks during transportation, it will definitely ruin your moving experience in Wyong.


Hence, remember to take these precautions to save your valuables:


1. Leaving The Packing To The Pros


Packing heavy furniture is not a simple job. A few cardboard boxes and packing tapes won’t be able to save your furniture from dents on those crowded streets. Thus, we advise you to contact professionals packing services for a hassle-free move.


2. Prep Before Packing


To take some extra care, you can always prepare your essentials during your furniture removal in Wyong. Dust, debris and other contaminants will leave behind unsightly marks. Thus, it’s advisable to give your furniture a thorough wipe and scrape off loose particles. You can also remove the knobs and pack them with lightweight items for extra storage space.


3. Disassemble


Methodologically dissembling your furniture will make packing and transporting them much more manageable. However, be sure to consult with your packing professionals about those small parts like screws, nuts, knobs and related items. Carefully label all your packages to mitigate the chances of accidental settings.


4. Place Them Strategically


Strategic placement can help your furniture withstand the shocks and jerks during transportation. Here are a few suggestions you can follow:


  • Always place heavy boxes on the floor and the lighter ones on top.
  • Ask your removal company to use a rope to secure upholstered items. And you can also place a blanket over the heavy ones.
  • Systematically move the items based on their size and weight when unloading.

Summing Up


Furniture removal will consume less time and effort if you know the correct techniques. But if you don’t have that time, our experts at Central Coast Removalist will be glad to help you out.


If you want more removals tips and tricks like these, be sure to check out our other blogs.

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