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How to Help Your Movers to Lift Heavy Boxes During House Removals!

Relocating to a new home can be a daunting task as it involves a lot of planning, especially in this heavy-lifting process of boxes and furniture. Yes, our removalists are ready to help you with house removals in Woy Woy.


But if you have a thought to help our packers and movers in the process, make sure you do that properly, unless it can put a lot of strain on the body and may result in injuries such as back pain, neck pain, and spinal issues.


Do you know HOW? Let us tell you!


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Create a checklist:


Proper organisation and labelling of boxes can make the moving process more efficient and prevent the double-handling of items. Yet, it’s a good idea to prioritise the items you need to move and label each box with the room it belongs in. It will save time and minimise confusion while unpacking.


So, create a list to keep all your stuff organised and in one place. Contrarily, when our packers complete packing each box, ask them to label them, or you can do that yourself to ensure being labelled with the correct room. This plan will make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible!


Prepare your home for the move:


Before our movers come for removal service and move your boxes into your new home, keep the rooms clear and ready for the new items. Have a clear plan of where the boxes should go in each room to avoid any confusion or unnecessary moving around. Also, check for any hazards in the walkways or entrances to avoid injuries.


Plus, mention your packers and movers to place the boxes with items that will be used frequently in more accessible areas while those not needed as often in less convenient locations. It will make the unpacking and settling process more efficient and organised.


Get yourself ready:


While thinking of assisting our movers during the house removals, get your body ready!


Moving heavy boxes and furniture can be physically demanding and can put a strain on your body. To prevent injuries, warm up and stretch before beginning the process, especially when you’re not used to lifting heavy loads.


Stretch before and after the move, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It will prevent muscle soreness and fatigue and ensure that your body is well-prepared for the physical task ahead.


Wheel your boxes:


When you contact us for house removals in Woy Woy, our movers come well-equipped. They carry all the tools required to lift heavy boxes and furniture to make the entire process less time-consuming and easier.


Still, when you want to provide help to the removalists during the move, have a handcart to wheel your heavy moving boxes instead of lifting them to avoid injuries like back pain or muscle strains. Otherwise, it’s better to stay away from moving heavy boxes!


Slide the heavy moving boxes:


As mentioned earlier, you need a handcart to wheel heavy moving boxes around your home when you intend to help our removalists regarding this during the move. But sometimes, lifting the boxes on the handcart becomes challenging.


To make the process less strenuous and more manageable, use a sheet or blanket to slide the box across the floor. For boxes on carpeted floors, plastic sheets can work well as they glide easily across the carpet.


Or if you have hardwood or tile floors, using a blanket or other soft material can also work well as it provides minimal friction and allows the box to slide easily across the floor. By using this technique, you can move heavy boxes more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury.


Put on protective footwear:


Even with proper lifting techniques and equipment, accidents can still occur during a move. Wearing the appropriate footwear can help to protect you from potential injuries.


So, while helping movers with moving heavy boxes, wear closed-toe shoes with good support to protect your feet, toes, ankles, and arches. Make sure the shoes are comfortable and non-slip to help you maintain proper balance and footing while carrying boxes.


We hope this guide will be helpful to you. For more moving ideas, keep reading our blogs! And stay in touch for a free quote.

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