A Complete Guide To Removals For Breakable Items In Woy Woy

Are you shifting your house? Or, do you need to take your business to a new place? However, moving house or relocating your business is a stressful job, as you need to consider many delicate items. Most homeowners of Woy Woy find it an overwhelming process.


Nevertheless, the statistics say, 36% of moves in the previous year were triggered by COVID-19. If you are going to enlist your name in this list, don’t worry! There are ways! And that is why we are here!


Let us uncover the best way to pack fragile items and collect tips on ensuring nothing gets broken. Then ask for a quote for the removals services in Woy Woy!




How To Pack Fragile Items Before Moving To A New House?


Here are a few handy tips on packing breakable items with optimal confidence before shifting to your new apartment!


Use Small Boxes For Breakable Items


The ideal way to pack fragile objects like glassware, ceramics vases, plates, or china cups is to use bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Apart from that, you can use soft towels to wrap them. Then place them in small boxes. It ensures to have less space for those items to move during transit. If you spot tiny gaps in your box use foam peanuts or paper to cover them.


Stack Items Where Possible


Ceramic bowls or plates can get stacked together with the help of the removals services in Woy Woy. First place strong cardboard at the bottom of the box. Then, place the suitable packing paper and bubble wrap between each bowl or plate. You can stack four of five plates together.


Place TVs Or Monitors In Their Original Boxes


Placing TVs or monitors in their original boxes is always a good idea. This way, you can offer the most effective protection to those belongings.


If you don’t have the original box, you can wrap them with bubble wrap to offer extra protection. Then label and keep them on the safe side.


Pack Appliances In Protective Layers


Home appliances like induction, kettles, toasters, and a frying pan are things that can easily break or get damaged. So, we use layers of bubble wrap and packing paper to prevent scratches, dents or marks. We also use fragile packing tape to seal the layers with fragile packing tape.


To explore more tips, you can check out our other blog posts!


Necessary Items For Packing Breakables


Fragile items break easily if you do not pack them with extra protection. Check the following to explore what we use to pack fragile objects. Then contact us!


Bubble wrap to prevent damage.


Fragile packing tape so the employees of the removal service can understand that these items need to get moved with care.


  • Strong cardboard boxes to protect your items during transit or placing them into storage.
  • Foam peanuts to fill the empty spaces in the boxes.
  • Quality packing paper to place inside the sturdy cardboard boxes.
  • Medium-sized boxes for glassware and ceramic pieces.
  • Towels or blankets to wrap

The Final Thought!


Need to hire a removals service in Woy Woy? Always choose professional removals and storage services for the same. We strive to make a hassle-free experience for you. Our experienced removalists, reliable fleet of vehicles, and designed packing materials help us to do so. Take a look at our about section to get more insight.

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